i Love Margs and So Will Your Fashionista!

I am a huge fan of adult fashion bloggers. To be perfectly honest a lot of children’s fashion designers  grab their inspiration from the adult fashion industry. Out of all the adult fashion bloggers I must say that Margs of http://lovemargs.com is my absolute favorite! While browsing through her blog as I normally do I got an awesome idea!!! Styling is what I love so why not create a new series on MPFT focused on adult fashion scaled down and tweaked for a child!!

Let’s kick off the first adult fashion inspired post with my absolute fav blogger Margs!!!!

I fell in love with this tomboy chic look and knew it would be perfect for those little girls that are bold enough to shop in the girls and boys section. Margs pulled this look off with  a Zara sweater, Topshop tank,  Isabel Marant skirt and sneakers, Lids hat, and Rolex watch. In order to create this look for a young fashionista I kept the same theme but had a bit of fun with prints!

In the place of  Margs ruffle Isabel Marant skirt I selected a cloudy gray and vintage white ruffle lace skirt by Price Savvy, I switched out the oversized Zara sweater  and headed over to the boys section of Crew Cuts of JCrew and snagged a “Christmas/Vintage” navy printed sweater, switched out the burnt red plain Lids fitted for a navy NY Yankees kids fitted, and obviously (a bit pricey for the little ones) swapped out the Rolex for a kid friendly Casio expandable band gold plated watch from Shop Style. Lastly, since Isabel Marant does not come in children  ( kind of bummed out about this!) I logged on to Zara.com for the kid and pocket friendly version!

To see the complete look and post on this outfit by Margs head over to her site HERE!

Yours in Style,

Whitney Parker


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