Style Me!

The past couple of weeks I’ve been pretty busy working on my dreams…. I mean these things don’t come true without a lot of hard work. I’ve prayed for guidance and I have definitely heard God’s direction so………*dramatic drumroll please* I will be putting more of my energy toward my styling. No, I have not given up my photography it’s just that I’ve found my strength and I want to build on that. The past week I had the opportunity to work with Phelan Marc, a phenomenal photographer in DC Metropolitan area, and his winter shoot session as he prepared for Halo Kids (more info on that coming soon!). Phelan gave me freedom as a stylist  with minimal restriction and I must say I truly thank this man for the opportunity. Take a look at a bit of my work below.




Oh… And let’s not forget this beauty…



I cannot wait to show you all more of work in the very very very near future!

For any inquiries please email: info@styleofwhitneyalana.com


Whitney Parker

*Images are property of Phelan Marc and must not be edited, cropped, or altered in any way*


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