Designer Style Watch: Match it Up Keep it Bright

When selecting pieces for Keni P. I like to step outside of a children’s world and have a bit of fun. I think  a lot of parents make their mistakes when they dress their children is that they follow the latest trends and forget that they are dressing a child. All the latest styles and trends are adorable on children but what about maintaining the innocence of the child? As a childrens wardrobe stylist I select pieces that are unique and game changing, but that are age appropriate and fun.

While browsing through my Elle magazine I came across an article on designer Marissa Webb and her new collection. I have never thought of matching colors from head to toe besides black (trying to sty away from being too matchy and looking like a fruit),  but when I saw a lime green and stormy gray ensemble, created by  designer Marissa Webb, I just had to recreate it for Keni P.




I must say I was a bit skeptical on how it would come out on Keni P but I took the chance and got to work. I was able to snag her shirt and skinny jeans from Old Navy, her cloudy gray cardigan came from H&M, her chestnut chukka boots from Baby Gap, and her laces came from her daddy’s closet which were too big and were cut down to size. Once she was dressed we took our talents to the streets…well more like the mall, Target, and the library. Keni P. received so many compliments! In the end I want to thank designer Marissa Webb for her creativity!





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