Katherine Serrano & her Trndsttrs

I love finding new people and learning about why they love fashion!

photo 2.PNG

I would love to introduce to you guys to Katherine Serrano a dope stylist and the MOMager to her handsome sons, the Trndsttrs!  These little guys have got it going on in… Not only are they star students in school but they play basketball and football and model! How’s that for a superstar combo?!

photo 1.PNG

The Trndsttrs and their dope stylist mom, Katerine, recently released the first (of many I hope *fingers crossed) collab style guide video titled Trndstyln 101: Layering With Denim. I absolutely loved the video and I want more!

Be sure to watch below and subscribe to her youtube channel to be sure to catch the latest from The Trndsttrs and Stylist Katherine Serrano!!

IG: @katosphere


Youtube: TheSerranoGoodLife

Tumblr: trndsttrs.tumblr.com




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